Modern, handmade jewelry for those who strive to be confident, edgy and unique.

Welcome, my name is Emma. I am the goldsmith behind Emma Elizabeth Jewelry. My studio is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I design and craft each piece of jewelry by hand using traditional metalsmithing skills.

The ultimate goal for my designs is that it might encourage passion filled individuals to follow their dreams, to work hard, and to keep moving forward one step at a time. I strive to express sincerity through my unique, inventive designs. The bold lines, dimensional geometrics, and modern elegance of my collection are meant to convey confidence and strength. The desire for my brand is that it might empower you and help you to feel fierce, like you could conquer anything. That is what Emma Elizabeth Jewelry is all about, being CONFIDENT, EDGY and UNIQUE.

My journey started a few short years ago when I was introduced to metalsmithing at Grand Valley State University. It was love at first sight, I had found my passion. My eagerness and desire to learn more brought me to Florence, Italy this year where I studied jewelry design, goldsmithing, and gemology. This journey has been one step at a time, working hard, and slowly achieving my goals with the help of those who believe in my dream and want to see me succeed. Thank you for your encouragement, love and support, it means the world to me.

I hope you can take a few moments to browse my collection and see what calls your name. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I love getting to know my clients, so please stop in and say hello by going to my contact page. Thanks again for checking in!

How to take care of your sterling silver jewelry:

Tarnishing or oxidation is a result of oxygen or sulfur coming into contact with sterling silver. Tarnished silver is duller and sometimes a dark color. Emma Elizabeth Jewelry works with .925 Sterling Silver and because of the higher purity, silver like this will tarnish more quickly. However, many of my pieces are intentionally oxidized to achieve the desired look for the design.

Sterling silver jewelry LOVES to be worn. Wearing your sterling silver jewelry can actually keep it from tarnishing! The natural oils from your skin actually protect and clean the silver. However, certain activities can cause your jewelry to lose its luster. Remove your jewelry before working out, taking a shower, swimming, cleaning, applying hairspray, putting on lotion or apply makeup. 

Store your jewelry in an airtight jewelry box or in a plastic baggy, somewhere with low humidity. Save those silica packets that come in a new purse and place them in your jewelry box or plastic bag to keep the moisture out. 

Polishing your jewelry is usually the best way to clean it. I recommend the Sunshine polishing cloth, you can easily find and purchase this cloth off of Amazon. Polishing your jewelry before it becomes too tarnished will minimize the amount of work needed. When polishing avoid areas that were intentionally oxidized as part of the design. I recommend buying the Sunshine polishing cloth immediately after your purchase of sterling silver jewelry.

It is pretty simple, following these guidelines of how to store, wear and clean your jewelry will dramatically prolong the life of your jewelry.  

Let's design something together!

Did you know I also enjoy to do bespoke work? By choosing bespoke, you can have a piece of jewelry designed and tailored to your own requirements. You will give me your ideas and in turn I will inspire you with different variations that you may have never considered before.  Then, you choose!  I will make sure to design what works best for you and what is within your budget. I am anxious to hear your ideas, message me and let's get started!

Xoxo, -E