Are you looking for something unique?  Are you looking for that One of a Kind piece that has the power to constantly remind you to be confident, edgy and to be brave enough to share your uniqueness with the world?

Emma Elizabeth Jewelry's goal is to do just that for you!  In the designing and creative process I strive to make something that inspires, YOU, the wearer.  Maybe it would serve to remind you to be strong, to be brave, to share your confidence, to love yourself, to be passionate, or even just to remind you to be yourself.  You are uniquely made and you should show it off!  My work is one of a kind - like you!  Do you dare to be different?  My jewelry does.  Do you have an edgy side?  My jewelry can help you express that side of yourself. Express yourself and be YOU! Because you are awesome.

I personally design each piece of my jewelry with the hope that it would share with you my confidence and passion for my work.  My simplistic, modern designs are meant for YOU the strong, confident, passion filled individual.

Did you know I also enjoy to do custom bespoke work?  By going bespoke, you can have a piece of jewelry designed and tailored to your own requirements.  I will work with you to design a unique, hand made piece of jewellery exactly to your specifications.  Come on the bespoke journey with me!  You will give me your ideas and in turn I will inspire you with different variations that you may have never considered before.  Then, you choose!  I will make sure to design what works best for you and what is within your budget.  

I am anxious to hear your ideas, let's get started!